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  through 10:00 PM Central time April 16th.   

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Every Order over $21.00 will receive something Special from us.

It will vary from little handheld fans; note pads; card holder (can be used to hold licenses, bus passes, etc);  to any number of items we might pick off the shelves - Jewelry, diffusers, ???.   The larger the order, the higher the value of the items we'll tuck in your order.

REWARDS POINTS during the Celebration from now until April 16th All orders will get a reward point for every $5.00 spent vs our regular $10.00 spent.   Kind of like getting Double rewards points!   (Rewards points earned are eligible to be redeemed on future orders.  For more information on rewards points visit our Rewards points page).

SPECIAL OFFER - InhalersGet a Deluxe Removable Bottle Inhaler - prefilled with a choice of our most popular Essential oils or Blends - You get to choose the color AND the Scent - all for a super discounted Price (30-35% off). 
And when you use the coupon code you save another 5-6%!   
See the
Anniversary Special Inhaler Offer here  and get a reusable - refillable Beautiful inhaler at a great price!

Every Tart Warmer Style Diffuser purchased will get a Free Sample Wax Tart (unscented) too!   This includes all tart warmers from the Oil Warmers, Lighting warmers and Tealight Diffusers.  

On this Page listed below are Products that will get 2% off without using a coupon.  Save even more with the Coupon Code!

These list of items will change every day or two and you can ONLY get the 2% off the items below when ORDER is completed during the time those items are shown on this Category Page.  
Once the items are off this page, there won't be a discount on those items (except if you use a coupon code). 
This means your order must be completed while it is shown here to get the extra 2% off. 

Use our

SPECIAL Anniversary Sale Coupon
(Code is shown below in RED)

to get
5% off up to $150.21
between $150.22 up to $250.21 get 6% off
or $21.00 off any order over $250.21

MUST Apply the following Coupon  Code: 

Discount will be shown AFTER you enter the Coupon code on the  "View Cart" Page.    If you are paying with PayPal you MUST enter the Coupon Code on the "View Cart" page.

Also you can enter the Coupon code during the Checkout process if paying by Credit Card.  

Please use the "View Cart" Page first to enter the code to see the discount. 

Coupon Code  only valid when orders are placed online through our Shopping Cart.

COUPON EXPIRES - 10:00 PM on Monday April 16, 2018 Central Time

All coupon code rules apply - Click here

Make sure to apply the coupon code before you checkout as we cannot not retro-apply any coupons.


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 When your order is $99.99 or more of eligible items & after discounts are applied,
You will be offered free shipping if you choose Free Shipping during checkout

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Sale pricing ONLY Available to orders placed ONLINE ONLY - All phone orders pay non-sale pricing.

USA & Canadian Sales ONLY
Shipping costs to foreign countries is cost prohibitive.