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Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift ideas - some simple ideas you can Make yourself or assemble very quickly. 

Here are several ideas for you to easily make some really simple yet very appreciated gifts.   Some of these are so simple you can even have your children help!

Quiet time - it is important for you

The importance of 'Quiet' is more than you can imagine.  Finding quiet - can be very hard but is needed for your health. 

Tis the Season for Sore Throats

Are you ready should a sore throat arrive? Or better yet get prepared and prevent them. 

Resiliency – How Resilient are You?

Resilient, how many of us have a good healthy resiliency? 

 Children seem to be the most resilient of all.   The older we get, we just seem to have less capability.

This article may shed some light on just what essential ois can do for you to help you get back to health more quickly next time you are down and out. 

The Utility Room, Basements & Storage areas

These rooms can easily become filled with unwelcome odors.  Here are some suggestions on dealing with these rooms. 

When Comforting Essential oils are needed.

There are times when everyone needs a bit more comfort, especially when affected by tragic events.  Essential oils may be helpful for those around you. 

Essential oils in Hot Baths, Hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s

Enjoying a Hot Bath, Hot Tubs or Jacuzzi's is fun anytime of the year, but cooler weather or evenings can be made even better when you know how to use essential oils in your bath. 

Self Esteem, Self-Worth it is the little things that matter

Feelings of worthlessness, not being able to feel good about yourself and the directions it may take can be hard to deal with as a teenage or an adult.
This post will give you a few simple suggestions you can do to help change all of that. 

Daydreaming is great in its proper place

Daydreaming is fun and a great 'lazy day' activity.  But if you are a school age child or an adult at work, Daydreaming can get you in trouble.
Here are a few suggestions to help get you and your child back on track!

Is it an Allergy or a Cold?

Summer is a wonderful time of the year but if you aren't sure if you caught a cold or now have an allergy what can you do?

Oh Baby It’s Hot Outside!

When the weather is hot babies and adults alike, can suffer from heat rash.  Here are some suggestions for relief.

Read, Read, Read to Learn, Learn, Learn

The best way to further your knowledge of the use of essential oils in aromatherapy is to READ!