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Tis the Season for Sore Throats

Are you ready should a sore throat arrive? Or better yet get prepared and prevent them. 

Do you lose hair in the Fall? (or Spring)

Nothing is quite like finding gobs of hair in the shower or sink after you have washed your hair.  Some folks shed hair seasonally - do you? If so here are a few ideas on how essential oils might help minimize the amount of loss. 

The Utility Room, Basements & Storage areas

These rooms can easily become filled with unwelcome odors.  Here are some suggestions on dealing with these rooms. 

When Comforting Essential oils are needed.

There are times when everyone needs a bit more comfort, especially when affected by tragic events.  Essential oils may be helpful for those around you. 

Smoking and Burnt Smell Eliminator

If you have burned a bit of food or had guests that have been smoking, Here is a few helps to eliminate those burned and smokey odors.